Sunday, January 31, 2010

Victorian Eastlake Settee and Chairs

I finally saved up enough change to get my 1860's Victorian 3 piece Suite recovered! I sent the pieces off to the upholsterer the first part of December. I was so excited when he called to tell me it was finished! The pieces had a fairly nice fabric to begin with, but the purple color did not go with anything in our home. We have a decidedly "Hemingway" eclectic decor. So, after purchasing some wildly fabulous Cheetah Fabric from Ballard Designs, I couldn't resist using it on this Suite. I was thrilled when it was delivered a few nights ago! Below you can see the Before & After pics of my perfect pieces.



I just LOVE how they all turned out!

Next month I am sending a 1930's Channel Back chair to the upholsterer. I'll share some of those pics just as soon as it is finished ~ Au Revoir!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time also flies when you are NOT having fun ...

Yikes! I am once again lost in the world of gathering info. for the Tax Man! It never ceases to amaze me how much time I spend engrossed in paper work. This whole month passed by, and all I have to show for it are 16 new piles on my office floor (or whatever else might hold papers)! Which , of course, negates a trip to the nearest Office Max for filing supplies. Oh yes, time does fly when you are NOT having so much fun! Any other time of year my office is somewhat organized. There is just something about tax season that gets me "out of sorts"! So, below, I am sharing a bit of my not so perfect world. Would love to hear from all of you disorganized souls out there. Misery does love company! LOL!!

How funny! I didn't even notice my cat was in the office until I looked at this photo.

This green guy looks suspiciously like the Trash Bin on my computer desk top (always full)!

Tax Season Office!

Have a "Perfect" week! R.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Merry Christmas in Mexico!

We spent Christmas 2009 in Mexico! Our daughter Kambra & her new Hubby, Adam, joined us for the Holiday. My younger daughter Bre and her man Sebastian, still in Germany, could not make the trip. Missed you guys! Maybe next time?? The sun and beach was wonderful. Have to admit, it didn't seem like Christmas at all! The Resort we stayed at did fix a Traditional Turkey Dinner (not like moms) but they get an A+++ for trying! Lots of fun was had by all. Hope to get back there soon!

Enjoying Christmas Day: My Honey and Me on our Balcony.

Our Kids: View from our Balcony.

Me and My Honey: Hanging on the beach.

Awwwww: Our Snorkel Dorks! ( they did say the fish viewing was better here than in Hawaii)

And Away We Go: My First Canoe Adventure! Yes, I am wearing a life vest. I thought it might help to have a cushion between me & any shark that happened by (and, I am not much of a swimmer)

Kam, Tom & Me: Dock in Cabo San Lucas

Kam & Adam: Same Dock in Cabo San Lucas!

Our Resort: Las Palmes de Cortez

Thanks for stopping by my friends! I will be back with more Posts & Photos soon! Blessings, R.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back from Holiday

We have just settled back into our routine after our trip to Mexico. The sun and beach for Christmas was so amazing! We spent some great quality time with our daughter Kambra and our new son-in-law Adam ~ new nickname for them: SnorkleDorks ~ Awww we love you guys! We have a few pics to share that I will post next week. I am off to Idaho this week, to visit family, as my beautiful grandmother's spirit has passed on. She had a very happy and healthy 92 years in this lifetime. I will cherish my wonderful memories as she watches over me. Well, I need to get packing! Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year Wishes!