Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Completely Booked

Nothing compares to getting lost within the pages of a good book... except maybe displaying your favorites for all the world to see, which then gives you the perfect excuse to relive the tales when conversations come up about your chosen decorative pieces. We’ve found crates and crates of affordable vintage books, and trust us when we tell you that if organized and highlighted properly, they can transform any room into a wondrous cavern of stories and tales, both literally (because they are actual stories and tales) and figuratively, as they will create a multitude of curious conversations when people visit your home. Happy reading! ~ Chelle

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  1. I too have stacks of books, both vintage and otherwise, stacked around my house. My hubby hopes our house doesn't start on fire someday, as he says "with all your books, this place will burn for hours!" Love my books!

    Lucky you finding a ton of vintage books. Have fun with them!