Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daydream Believer

Lying in the grass at the park today — feeling the thousands of blades of green on my bare skin – kind of made me wish I had thought to bring along a blanket to relax on... Which then got me thinking of all the summer quilts I have strewn about my place... Which then got me thinking of my couch and how I’ve always loved velvet covered furniture. Strange train of thought yes, but very parallel to how when you’re looking up at the clouds (as I was while lying in the park), each puff of white quickly transforms from one perceived shape to another. So I’d say the train of thought was quite fitting for the occasion, wouldn’t you? But back to the subject at hand: Velvet covered furniture. It has always made me feel regal, and considering I saw both a crown and a castle in the clouds today, it seemed a bit like fate was whispering for me to post this blog...

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