Monday, May 30, 2011

A Toast!

I generally am a little bit snobbish when it comes to champagnes and sparkling wine (I can't help myself, it's just in my nature), so it's always surprising to me when I find an affordable bottle that seems to be loved by all. And I did just that when I served Mumm Napa's Brut Rose for a family birthday this past weekend. Elegant, crisp, lightly fruity yet not at all sweet, this bottle was perfect in every way — and it even looks beautiful! And bonus: it was on sale and therefore under $20 at my local grocery story! I highly recommend it for any upcoming gatherings you French Charmers may have. oxox

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  1. Our local wine shop also recommended this recently when we were entertaining and needed a LOT of champagne! It is good... thanks for reminding me to buy some for reserve.
    Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Thanks, this sounds perfect for a celebration with friends I have planned. I'll let your know.......

    The French Hutch