Friday, August 24, 2012

Well Suited

In the midst of a recession and an overall move toward green living, repurposing furniture has become more popular as ever. I’ve seen everything under the sun turned into décor — wagons, vintage windows and doors, leftover bricks, even tires! But one trend I’ve particularly noticed is transforming old suitcases into tables, shelves and chairs. It’s such a neat idea, and with so many trunks and cases to be found at yard sales and flea markets, it really is a wallet-friendly décor option.

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  1. Super cool to use a suitcase as a shelf! Great ideas...wishing you a lovely weekend, Xo, Ashley

  2. What wonderful ideas! I love the uses portrayed and the colors! I especially like the pink one with the white polka dots! Now I'll have to look for some old suitcases! Hugs, Leena