Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alaska Adventure 2009 ~ Part Two

This morning adventure finds us dressed to the fishing nines, in our waders! We are off to fish in the gorgeous Rivers & Streams. Although the fishing proved to be tough, we did get to see a little wildlife.

These little deer are munchkins, but they are full grown!

Marina at Thorne Bay.

(still looking for fish)

The Island has several gorgeous Rivers and Streams.

A couple of shops around and about.

The first creek we try is Staney (stainey) Creek. The water is rust colored, hence the name.

In search of Salmon. Tom is the serious fisherman of the bunch. Then there is Joe and me.

My friend Victoria in her new chest waders!
We drove and hiked, most of the day, looking for those elusive fish. None to be had. We decided for the next days adventure to try our luck at ocean fishing. So, off to our camps for the evening, 0:00 dark thirty comes early!

P.S. Don't despair, some of the photos from the boat trip are really good!

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