Thursday, August 19, 2010

Parisian Wonder

Bonjour bloghearts! While sitting here sipping some cappuccino and checking my E-mail, I noticed that I received Club Monaco’s fall lookbook — and imagine my surprise when I saw that it’s Parisian themed! I’m so excited to see that the fashion world is experiencing the return of classic, feminine shapes (slim trousers, long skirts and lace are all over the runways — ooh la la!), and Club Monaco has done a fantastic job of capturing the wonderment of it all. In fact, my daughters are in the City of Love at this moment, and they say these outfits are exactly what Parisian women are wearing. So join me in sipping cappuccino, sit back and let these photos inspire your fall wardrobe!

~ Chelle

P.S. Stay tuned for a special “Straight From Paris” series written by my daughter, Kambra. She’s taking lots of photos and promises to share her Parisian experiences once she’s back in the States (I couldn’t very well ask her to step away from the excitement and write about it while she is there, could I??) Here’s hoping she found a few gem boutiques — and maybe a sexy Parisian boy so I can have French grandchildren! J


  1. Bonjour Chelle,
    I really like that red dress, and the flippy blonde bob. Anxious to hear about your daughter's Paris adventures...and those cute French boys. I grabbed one for myself, now we'll have to find one for her!
    Will check out this websote.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.I absolutely love everything about your wonderful blog! the dresses are gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful clothing! I really love the 2nd and 3rd dresses. Shawn would go gaga over that red one!