Friday, December 31, 2010

Golden Girl

2010 has been such a crazy fantastic year. Many highs, many lows, but probably the best part of it all has been the expansion of French Charmed The Boutique, and of course the beginning of this blog! We’ve shared many experiences together this year (remember waking up with the distant dreamt memories of spring blossoms in Paris? Frolicking through the puddles in satin ballet slippers?), and I can’t wait for all the fun 2011 will bring! Speaking of the New Year, I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect dress to don the night of the big New Beginning, and I couldn’t help but notice that golden sequin dresses are all the rage - so of course I had to post a few of my favorites! What will you be wearing to ring in the New Year, darlings? Send me photos of your holiday outfits – I’d love to see the creations you come up with! And to you all: Thank you for making 2010 such an outstanding experience for us at French Charmed, and here’s to a fabulous 2011! Cheers!
~ Chelle

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  1. I remember having a gold dress back in high school (when I was way skinny). Now I will settle for just a little gold purse. Love your photos of the gold dresses and all the Christmas trees you posted in any color that anyone could possibly want. So pretty. Love your blog. :) A very happy New Year to you and yours. ~ Lynn

  2. A gold dress how fun!!!
    Here's to an Ooh La La 2011!!!