Sunday, February 13, 2011

Moderne Love

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I almost (almost!) posted a rather risque piece about helping you all find the perfect lingerie. Believe you me, I found a ton of sexy things, including some cute little panties that had suggestive French sayings on them (so cute!). But at the last minute, I realized the post might have been just a bit too (gasp!)  scandalous, so I'm giving you a different kind of V-Day treat: some information about the magic of French relationships! We all know the couples of France just have this air of casual allure, and guess what? It's becoming even more casual! According to the New York Times, these days, the French are opting for civil unions (called PACS, or pacte civil de solidarite, in France) in place of marriages, as becoming husband and wife entails such a heavy, religious contract. And with PACS offering couples all the basic legal necessities (shared insurance policies, shared taxes, shared debts, etc.), it's an attractive option many French couples have decided upon (for every three couples who choose marriage, two choose civil unions!). What's more, the civil unions are also available for everybody, whether gay, straight (or in between, haha). Just something to ponder on over the weekend, loves. Hope you have a super romantic next couple of days, and Happy Valentine's Day!

oxox, Chelle

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  1. Quelle domage! I have been hearing this on the news in France. Luckily my French Honey does not agree with that! Whew! Scandaleux!
    Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!
    P.S. I still have not forgotten your email question - no luck yet, but still working on it.