Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fall Made Up

No doubt you've already been out shopping fall's latest looks, but don't forget to update your makeup routine to go along with all your fab new finds! Perusing the runway had us noticing two major trends: bold eye brows and bold lips. And if done right, they're two bold looks that are easy to achieve!


The first step to full brows is to stop over-tweezing! General maintenance is key, but the skinny thin brow look is definitely out. Next, fill in your arches with a matching eyebrow pencil. We recommend Laura Mercier's eyebrow pencil; it comes in five different colors to ensure you get the right match.


Luscious lips don't have to be difficult. And berries and reds are absolutely foolproof for fall. If you can get away with it, skip the liner, which only ages you. And choose a bright color that is sure to get you noticed, but also matches your skin tone. We've found that Mac Red is a good fit for most. Or you can try the color in the lead photo, which is Rouge G de Guerlain in Garconne #25 (not yet available). And if it's your first time rocking red? Yes, you will feel like a clown. But wear it anyway; trust us, every woman feels that way when first donning the bold shade. But you will quickly start feeling comfortable and look stunning in the process!

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