Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ring Around The...

Statement rings have become front and center in the fashion world, and while we've found our share of big, beautiful bands, these fun pieces from Old Gold Boutique definitely take the cake. We are going gaga over the unique finger charms, to the point where our credit cards are kind of crying from the over-use! Whoopsie... but worth it!


  1. Dearest Chelle,

    The top part looks great but NOT for actually wearing on any finger... kind of hazardous. Snagging your garments, stockings etc. A crazy new hype for those impulsive followers that don't have a taste of their own. Statement WHAT?
    For sure my credit card will NOT cry!

    Love to you,


  2. Wowsers! I just bought a wonderful statement ring...but it is NOTHUN' like these lovelies!

  3. I don't thing that statement rings are for followers that don't have their own style. That is a very naive state. Personally I find statement ring to be fun and they add flair to a an otherwise ordinary outfit. If give the chance to wear ANY of these beauties I would!

  4. gorgeous pieces!! really them..And your blog!! :))

    xoxo hanz