Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's A Wrap!

They say never judge a book by its cover, but every lady knows that the sentiment is pure nonsense: presentation is everything! And just like we make sure every strand of our coif is perfect, every inch of our pout is glossed and every seam of our gown is pressed before we make an appearance, we should also be sure that every gift we present is given an equally show-stopping outer appeal. With “La French Wrap” — our new line of elegant, readymade gift wrap — you’ll have time to perfect your pout and still give a gift in style! (Hint, they will work superbly for any Mother’s Day gift you so choose to give!)

The “La French Wrap” line consists of two sizes of black and blush pink fabric-covered boxes that come with high end black crinkle paper and coordinating black and blush pink striped and blush colored tissue paper, as well as a crystal rhinestone Crown pin that can be removed for one to wear. And, the black satin ribbon bow is attached to the lid! For pricing and to order, be sure to visit “French Charmed” boutique. For those of you who are more inclined to toil over the packaging yourself, check out these other gorgeous gift wrap ideas!

How can one go wrong with this stylish blush pink and brown gift wrap ensemble? Its sweet and polished presentation will work wonders no matter the occasion, and you can buy a package that includes everything you need to re-create the look at “A Gift Wrapped Life”.

Here at “French Charmed,” we’re very big on repurposing antiques. That’s why this package, wrapped with simple white paper and adorned with a vintage house number and glitter-coated chipboard letter, caught our eye. Credit: Design*

Why save your doilies for your dressers when they make the perfect dressing for a gift? Credit:

Sometimes, the very best ideas are right in front of us, as in the case of this “duh, why didn’t we think of that?” gift packaging. We all have wrapping paper and ribbon in our homes, so let’s get cracking darlings! Credit:

Happy wrapping fellow bloggers! ~ Chelle


  1. Fabulous! this will add to your story my introduction of French Charmed this week and will have a lovely gift wrapped connection. Buyers need boxes so you are a clever gal. Talk this week. XO

  2. Wow! I adore the fabulous wrapping you have to offer! Those first four pictures are especially luscious! I will be dreaming of those black and pink boxes all night! And the pink wrapping, and the blue...

  3. I love black and pink together, and this looks just perfect right down to the striped tissue paper. Sande does have some beautiful wrapping too. Trés elegante!
    Wishing you a happy week,