Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where Are You Wearing?

We all love that single, revel-filled moment when, in the middle of a get-together, all eyes direct themselves upon you and someone asks, “Who is that you’re wearing?” And as much fun as it is to tell a little story about how you found the designer scarf/shoes/jacket/earrings while strolling down a little street in Paris/New York/Milan/your neighborhood, wouldn’t it be entertaining — and admittedly out of the box — to answer where you’re wearing, rather than who you’re wearing? “Oh this? It’s a piece of my living room.” We’d like to try it someday and share the experience, but for now, we’ll just share a couple of inspiring living spaces — and of course, articles of clothing to match. ~ Chelle

Photo credits from top to bottom: Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, West Elm, Anthropologie.


  1. I only wish I was wearing something as cute as what you showed us! I am right now wearing a very grungy workout t-shirt and equally grungy workout pants. Next time I stop by here, I am going to put on an adorable outfit so I can change my answer. But this girl has to workout!!!

  2. lol, what a fun way to view it all. Beautiful colors in this post!