Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Again

Every time we get around to our annual spring cleaning — complete with moving each and every piece of furniture to make sure the floor, walls and practically everything in between is spic and span — we start lusting for new pieces to brighten everything up. We know we’re not alone, which is why we couldn’t resist sharing this easy, affordable makeover that could bring a little spring back into your bedroom’s step.

All it took for this room to be transformed was replacing the outdated bedside tables with antiqued versions from Pottery Barn, hanging some romantic curtains, and brightening the room with a few fresh flowers and some Ikea table lamps! It’s simple yet dramatic, and the small changes packed a triumphant punch!

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  1. PS- beautiful family! I hadn't noticed your girls, they are beautiful! And love the other kiddos too!

  2. Love the make-over, that's the best kind, and I love Ikea lighting too!

    Have a wonderful day, my lilacs are one day closer, but last night the kids just messed up my perfectly clean house, so now I am off to spend the day cleaning. I really can't enjoy lilacs in a mess! I just can't, they deserve everything to be tidy!