Sunday, June 13, 2010


Being one of the living certainly can’t be beat, but there’s something to be said about the wonders of being inanimate and yet beautifully lifelike all the same. I’ve always had a mannequin to hold my morning robe, and I’d name her if not for the teasing and odd looks I’d surely get upon someone hearing me say, “Oh Marie-Èlise, you look so good in my silk cover-up today.” But secretly she does have a name... and a personality, if I’m being honest. But that’s a tale for another day... in the meantime, enjoy these snaps of mannequins turned décor...

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  1. What a lovely post......I have one in my studio that I have just recently started dressing up , somedays she looks better than me! XO

  2. I have one too that I have in my bedroom now wearing a great tulle 50's prom dress in a soft pistachio color that I got from Goodwill. It's such fun to dress up with great finds.