Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chic Masterpieces

It's a magical moment not many women get to experience, that splendid second when someone presents to her a little turquoise box wrapped with a white ribbon, that exciting instant when she realizes it's a gift from Tiffany's! If you're one of the few who've had the experience, our hats off to you. For those of you who haven't, we shed a little tear. Because seriously, not much beats the feeling! Well, until now, when that little blue box could potentially come inside one of the jewelry company's new line of leather handbags! Positively chic, undeniably splurge worthy, leaving us swooning... These really are perfect for fall. (And while you can't beat the signature Tiffany blue, we especially love the plum colored reversible suede/metallic bag that would go great with every autumn outfit, and also the stunning red clutch that screams holiday party!)


  1. I thought the same thing fabulous and clever, and special too. Especially love the top one. XO

  2. I love handbags...Oh! Wow! thanks for sharing these beauties...I have a soft spot for the first tiffany blue one!!!

  3. Ohhhmyyyy! I am loving your blog, I too am a lover of all things french and am so longing to be in Paris at this time of year. It is always sooo exciting to find another french fanatic like me.
    Merci beaucoup mon ami for bringing a parisian vibe to my day today,
    french blessings,