Sunday, September 12, 2010

Passport To Paris: Rendezvous With Kambra, Part Two

Bonjour French Charmed readers! Kambra here again with the continuation of my fun, Parisian getaway! I can't believe it's already been two weeks since I returned from the City of Love; I'm still flying high on the excitement of it all, especially because I can still taste the delicious cappuccinos my sister and I shared, still hear the sound of Mopeds zooming down the narrow streets and still feel the cobblestones under my feet. (Speaking of which, we found out quite early on that it's nearly impossible to wear stiletto heels in Paris because of these streets. We tried out best to match the vibe of the city and dress as sexy as possible, but it's really not so sexy to be wobbling over the stony streets! I mean, it's no wonder all girls wear ballet flats! So keep that in mind if you're tempted to pack those sky-high Christian Louboutin pumps...)
   As I mentioned before, August is traditionally the month most Parisians take off on holiday, so many of the boutiques and cafes were shut down. But that didn't stop my sister and I from discovering some real gems. Here are a few of the fun spots we explored, and stay tuned for yet more on our adventures. We had a sexy Parisian boy give us a tour of a spectacular neighborhood that I think would make a fabulous day trip for any tourist up for an adventure. Maybe not the most typical tourist experience, but why not step outside of the usual and spend a day as a native would? But anyway, more on that later... For now, I hope you enjoy some of these delicious and wonderful spots!

Until next time,
xoxo, Kambra
Stopping in little cafes for a cappuccino is pretty typical in Paris, and you can pretty much find a billion such places to serve you something heavenly. This cafe, called Petit D'ejeuner, had the most delicious and chocolatey cappuccinos we've ever tasted. It was more like dessert than a coffee, especially paired with a scrumptious shared creme brulee. 
We met a local friend at this amazing cafe called L'ebouillante, located on 6 rue des Barres. They had the most amazing cheese plate we've ever tasted. (We sat outside in a narrow alleyway near a church, and it was a bit dark to get a nice photo, sorry! But it's definitely worth a trip. Their food is positively amazing, and the inside atmosphere was so homey and warm, complete with a tiny spiral staircase to an upstairs eating area!)

It's obviously touristy, but you must check out the Notre Dame just for the sake of seeing such beautiful architecture. It will really take your breath away.
On a gray, rainy day, this boutique, Antoine & Lili, really popped on the street. What's more, the clothing and accessories inside did the same thing! Head here for some amazing sweater dresses and really bright and colorful scarves and such.

Well, au revoir for now. I'll be sharing more from the adventure – including that fabulous day trip from a local's perspective – very soon! xoxo


  1. Your post is making me want to go back......tonight. The sparkly stilettos.........stayed in my suitcase so I could walk, walk It is so much fun to read your trip memories. XO

  2. ~This looks amazing, thank you for sharing!! and I adore your site very much! hugs, Jenn