Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello Gorgeous!

Hello lovelies! I had the most amazing mood boost this morning when a friend just called me out of the blue to tell me how much she loves and appreciates me. It was just the thing to make my day, and I couldn't help but share on the blog, not only to pay it forward by thanking you all for following and enjoying French Charmed, but also to remind you that you have the power to dramatically change someone's day in a matter of a few seconds! Her thoughtfulness gave me an instant high, inspiring me to work out today, dance to fun pop music, buy some fresh flowers, and just enjoy every second that we're blessed with! Hope you have a wonderful day, as well. oxox, Chelle
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  1. What a great way to start your day!! :) I love when that happens. Glad your day was wonderful!

    Hugs and love friend,

  2. Bonjour Chelle,
    What a marvelous friend. And you are right, we can change someone's day in a few seconds.
    Bon weekend,