Sunday, November 20, 2011

Language Lesson

Due to it being strictly an American and Canadian holiday celebrating the bountiful harvest of fall, Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in France (I'm crossing my fingers that this isn't shocking news to any of you!). However, just because it's not a typical French holiday doesn't mean we can't bring a little inspiration from the country into our family dinner, right? I tend to incorporate a little something special into my affair, whether it be a French martini in place of wine or a galette in place of a pie. But if you're set on following American traditions when it comes to your feast, how about calling each element by its French name? Here are a few words, just to get you started. Good luck!

turkey:   la dinde

gravy:   la sauce au jus de viande

mashed potatoes:   la purée

stuffing:   la farce

bread:   le pain

corn:   le maïs

sweet potato:   la patate douce

yam:   un igname

cranberry:   la canneberge

pumpkin pie:   la tarte à la citrouille

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  1. This is so neat to know! I'm going to put these French words on a chalk board menu! Thank you for the language lesson! Hugs, Leena