Monday, March 26, 2012

Please, Please, Mr. Postman

I can't tell you how beyond thrilled I was to receive a very special piece of mail today. It wasn't for an event, and it wasn't for a holiday; it was for absolutely nothing at all — just a friend letting me know how much she loves me. Simple, beautiful, and more meaningful than any of the letters people send mostly out of obligation. She wrote it out of pure joy of writing to tell me how special she thinks I am. And that, my lovelies, is a magical feeling. I intend to spread the smiles by writing back, as well as to many of my other dear friends. And I hope you join the bandwagon, too! These beautiful cards in our boutique should do the trick.

Photo credits from top to bottom:, backtodomestics.blogspot, since,,,,


  1. Oh yes, that is always a special treat. To open up the mailbox and see an actual letter (instead of a text message) from dear friends!

    Cute cards for your shoppe too!


  2. How lovely! We really need to get back into that. It's so much more personal. Beautiful cards!