Friday, June 17, 2011

22.00 USD Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine

Wow! $22.00 Introductory Priced - Includes Shipping! The Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine is now available through French Charmed. This stunningly beautiful French Nordic Home Design Magazine from Denmark is filled with fabulous ideas and photographs of vintage flea market decor, nostalgic European garden design and yummy seasonal recipes. This 5th Edition 2011 English Version, is packed full of visionary wonders to highlight "High Summer". And as always, most advertisements are tucked neatly into the back pages. Your senses will be pleased! Pre-Order your copy here for this special price!


  1. ah. too late for this I see. Maybe next issue.

    thanks for signing up to follow my blog.l I am enjoying my stroll through yours, and your web site. gorgeous treasures!

    Where in the Northwest are you???

    barbara jean