Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Show Me Those Mussels!

Try as I might to get into the summer mood, I'm suffering from June Gloom. It's been overcast and gray every morning for weeks, and it's been tough for me to realize that it's officially summer! How can I get into the spirit of camping, ball games and lazy sunny afternoons when it's chilly and dismal outside? I am trying though, and to help me out: yummy summer recipes! And since I can't get to the beach to check out all those men showing off their muscles, I'll go for the second best thing — mussels! This recipe is particularly delicious, but they're also quite yummy steamed in a curry coconut bath.


  1. Hi Chelle.....we are currently traveling in Calif....and we have had a few days of June glooms also. They will pass....and "the sun will come out tomorrow". (O:



  2. Hello,
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