Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For Him

When I think of men and I think of France, the word "dad" doesn't usually come to mind — except when June rolls around, when I try my darndest to get my father as enthusiastic about the small country as I am via a well-chosen French-themed gift. I've done the tie made by a French designer, French beers and even a gift certificate to a local fast food restaurant that's famous for their French fries (yes, that last one was a stretch, but hey, I'll try anything to get him excited about my obsession!). This year, I'm thinking I'll get him a nice bottle of French cologne. I'm not sure which I'll end up choosing, but here are a few that caught my eye... And for all those dads out there, happy early Father's Day!

Eau de Cologne 1920: Chevrefeuille Jardin de France

Molinard Eau De Cologne

Bleu de Chanel

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